Monday, September 27, 2010

Dreams Are But Wishes Until You Write Them Down

I read an interesting e-book today by Stan Billue. The title of the e-book is "10 Super Success Secrets of the Mega-Buck Sales Pros". Your first thought running through your head might be that this e-book is just for those people in sales. 

Have you seen those commercials on TV that shows a ragged looking, dirty man pushing their cart? Of course, you automatically picture what some call a street bum just too lazy to work so he lives on the street begging for food and/or money. Of course, you are wrong. The next thing you see is this man holding up an FBI badge in front of your face. How wrong you were at your first impression.

The same is true in real life. Our first impression can be so far removed from the truth that we have a hard time accepting the truth. After all, most people get some type of enjoyment out of their negative take on life.

But, not true of Stan's e-book. Sure it was written for sales people but, so the title is right on but the contents within will give you a lot to ponder upon about your own life.

I have used the below quotes so you can really see what I mean.

"Unfortunately, less than 3% of the World’s population can show you at least one well defined, written down Goal. Granted, they may have some floating around in their Head, however until you put it in writing, it’s only a Dream or a Wish. Goals give us a direction and they allow us to live our Lives by design instead of by default. Always remember that if We Fail to Plan, we are Planning on Failing.

Have you received a delivery this month from J.C. Penney? Probably not if you
didn’t order anything from J.C. Penney. It works the same in Life. We have to Order something before we can expect to receive it. Of course, many people don’t set Goals because of the Fear of Failure. My gosh what if you don’t achieve a Goal? Does that mean you are a failure? Absolutely not, in fact just the opposite is true. Let’s analyze that for a few minutes. Let’s say that you’re fairly content with your life and lifestyle and you do try to accomplish just a little bit more and fail. What’s the worst that has just happened? You still end up where you were, which was back with your fairly content life and lifestyle."

I had no intention of reading this whole e-book when I started it. Actually, I went to his website to look at another e-book. But, once I started reading it, I couldn't stop. 

I read this part over and over. You see I have goals but I seldom write them down. Sometimes I do, but most often I don't. That's changing.

What about you? Do you leave your goals in your brain where they can get all twisted up with the other stuff you have in there? Where they can be forgotten? Or, do you take the time to actually write them down?

You owe it to yourself and you are worth it to give yourself a chance at fulfilling your dreams. Write your dreams and wishes down so they can become Real.

If you would like to read the whole e-book, you may do so by looking under the "Resources" Page above or you may go to Stan's site at
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See You At the Top Of the Mountain