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One of the things that you will notice on this page is that I place emphasis on your name, who you are. Not on your company. Not on your product. YOU!!!!!!

Also, remember this: set a time limit on yourself to do this type of advertising. Some of these are very impersonal and people that might be interested in what you have will want to know you. This means you have to converse, open your mouth and actually talk with others. Call people and just talk. Learn how to talk with prospects. DO NOT EVER TRY TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT. SELL YOURSELF!

You should have on average 5-6 different streams of advertising that you do every day. Yes, every day! This list is by no means a complete list of all sites that are available for you to use for free.

Tips to using these types of advertising:
** If possible upgrade your account from free to a paid account.
** When using safelist send emails as often as you are allowed.
** Remember you need to have a minimum of 3 different ad sources going each day.
** For traffic exchanges do more than one at a time. Be sure to watch what you are doing. All you have to do is to open another browser tab. I have at least 2 going at the time and most of the time I have 3 going.
** While surfing and clicking almost every page you see will look good to you. Resist the temptation to join. You can't do but so many at a time.
** I suggest you use Gmail for all of these types of advertising. I use two Gmail accounts. One for contact emails for all of the sites I join. One for receiving safelist emails to.
** When running your exchanges be sure to wait until the page loads before you go to another exchange's page. These always have a check page thrown in to make sure you are really there. Some of them are timed.
**  When reading safelist for credits be sure to pay attention to the link you are suppose to click to get those credits. Read before you click.
** As you compose your ad for a safelist keep it short. No more than 5 lines. Let your site do the work for you. Besides, most people reading your ad is just like you, clicking to earn credits so most do not even read what you have written. They just look at your website.
** Pay attention to the timers. Click to soon and you lose your credits and waste your time.
** Include your website link in your email. That way if someone likes what they see they can copy your link and go back after they are finished clicking.
** Promote only 1 thing per email. In other words don't add a bunch of different links for stuff.

Free Classified Ad Sites: Some classified ad sites also have an option of paying to get your ad in a better position. On some of these you will have to register an account.

Craig's List
Back Page
Classified Ads
The Free Ad Forum
Ad Land Pro   Get Linked from 16,000 + sites with one click.
Sales Spider 

Work from Home
North Carolina, United States

   Some classified ad sites are also social networking sites.

I have in my arsenal a long list of free classified ad sites. If you would like a complete list of what I have then email me and in the subject line please enter the following: Please send complete list of free classified ad sites. If you do not put this in the subject line your email might get deleted without me opening it.

Social Networking Sites:
Of course one of the best places for free advertising are social networking sites. Keep in mind when using social sites to not post just your ads on every post. Mix up your post with helpful tips about something, quotes and advice. If you post only your ads you will probably be banned and/or removed as a friend or connection. Social networking sites by it's name means social. You want to socialize and get to know people and allow them to get to know you before you mention your opportunity or wait until they ask you.
YouTube (YouTube is the 2nd most visited social site on the internet.)
Store Board
MLM Social

Storeboard Ad

free web site traffic and promotion

Be sure to register for accounts at the following and post to them on a regular basis:

When you visit a blog be sure to leave a comment with words relevant to the post. For goodness sake don't just say, "Great post." That does nothing to get other people interested in you. You want people to read what you say and to be interested in you and what you are doing. When others become interested in what you are saying they will click and go to your site. Hello! this is exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I hope.

When you are on a site and you see those buttons that you can click on, click on some and share that post, article, web page, etc. Some times all you will see is a button that says "Share". When you click on it a whole list will drop down. Pick and share. This will get your name out to lots of people. 

Rotators and Traffic Exchanges:
These are great to use if you have the funds to pay to get your site seen. Otherwise these will soak up a lot of your time that is considered non productive. 
Traffic Swarm
TrafficG - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use! - Traffic That's Faster Than Lighning!


1 Modern Mailer

Free Safelist Mailer

The List Auction

European Safelist


  1. Elaine,

    Thank you for this post. I've been looking for work from home for the last 8 years and I'm sick of all the hype. This was refreshingly to the point with truly useful information for those of us who want independence from the norm but don't know where to start. Again Thank you so much for clear advice without all the hype.

    1. Glad you liked the information and was able to get some help from it. Come back often because as I find stuff that might help someone I post it on this blog. Wishing you much success in your life.


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