Friday, February 17, 2012

Using Robocalls? Watch Out!!!

You are deep in thought. Or, trying to eat supper. Or, into a very needed deep conversation with a family member or friend.

And the phone rings!!

Your brain gets flustered. You answer the phone with an irate voice just to hear a pre-recorded message from a politician or a telemarketer. No human to yell at. You become irrational - yelling to a phone. You can't say STOP calling me!

Your fuse is lit and about to blow. Your eyes get big and your brain goes haywire. You listed your phone number with the Do Not Call Registry and now you are wondering if they gave out your number. No, they didn't. Some people and companies just don't care. They figure they have the upper hand and can do whatever they want because they assume you will not report them. He! He! You can report the call and get some satisfaction.

Conversation is over. Supper gives you indigestion and heartburn. Your thoughts are gone.

A robocall is what you just received. Now the government is doing something about these annoying calls.

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Did you know that placing your phone number on the Do Not Call Registry does not exempt you from receiving political calls. To bad!
National Political Do Not Call Registry:

Extra Resources: 

By the way, when listing your phone number don't forget to include your cell phone number. Unless you like paying for a call from a telemarketer or a politician.

Maybe this will help your digestive system a bit.


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