Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some Article Marketing Do's and Don'ts

I don't like article marketing per say! Strange statement for someone that writes blog posts for three different blogs. You don't have to write articles and post them to article sites to be doing article marketing. Really? Although if you write a good blog post I do suggest that you post the article to some article directory sites.

Why do I say that I don't like article marketing? Because I think that every time I do a blog post on one of my blogs I am in essence involving article marketing. Why else would I be doing blog posts! I may not be writing to promote a specific product but none the less I am promoting something even if it is something that I think will help my readers.

"Let's start with a number of "don'ts" 

* You should never begin your rough draft with the phrase "The following article is about gardening," (or whatever it happens to be). Always begin by using a thought-provoking problem or bold statement. The concept would be to draw your audience in and make them want to understand more about what you have published. 

* Never make your article too long. Shorter ones tend to be more powerful with fewer chances of your reader becoming lost in your article. 

* You should not turn your written article into a big product sales message. Steer clear of this process, it won't improve your results. Your readers are searching for true information or, precisely what could this do for me personally? They are not looking for hyped-upped ad copy. 

* You should never overly cram keywords and phrases into the articles. The various search engines aren't keen on it. 

* Don't confuse your readers by starting off a sentence and never answering it or not identifying the resolution in the article. 

And now for the do's 

* Discuss ideas that you're experienced in or you have expertise in. When you possess experience with a certain subject, it always shows in your writing 

* Do proofread your article, and then proofread it once again checking for spelling and grammar errors before posting it on the internet. 

* You should always include a professional bio box with your article. Attempt to help make the reader interested in what else you provide. 

* Regularly write articles and submit them to directories and websites. You should not stop at just submitting to a tiny handful. It's going to take many submissions for you to benefit from it. 

* Pay attention to your article statistics. Which ones are getting you the most traffic. You should promote or showcase those specific articles somehow. 

There you have it, some simple do's and don'ts of article marketing. If you don't work marketing the proper way, then you're wasting your time. You can write the best pieces in the world, however, if they're not represented correctly, or you don't follow the basic tips above, you are also wasting their time. Why not do it the proper way to begin with?" 

Taken from an article by Scott Lindsay. Learn about Working From Home and Start Your Own Work At Home Business at WAHCheck. Don't Work From Home until you do a WAHCheck! 

Article Source: http://www.isnare.com/?aid=597088&ca=Marketing

By the way, article marketers don't write articles to promote a product within that article. This is not a good thing to do unless you are critiquing a specific product. Their promotion is within the signature after the article. So make sure to end with a strong signature which of course includes your name.

Always write articles that give your readers something that they can grab hold of and use in their life and/or their business.

Hope you got at least a hint into article marketing by reading this post.