Friday, May 27, 2011

Get Your Head Out Of the Sand!

I realize that the title of this post may be insulting to some but I used it to get your attention. I hope it does.

This blog is all about Life & Business so I don't apologize at all for doing this post about the most important life sustainable commodity: FOOD. And for making a plug for the company that I am associated with MPB Today. Now don't think that this post is all about MPB. It is not. This post is about the current and predictable future of our food cost in this country. (Not to mention around the world.)

I am prompted to do this post after a trip to the grocery store yesterday. After not going to my local grocery store for about a month I was appalled at the increase in prices. Here is an example: a 2 liter bottle of soda is now $1.79 per bottle. It was $1.25 just a month ago. On special I could buy it for $0.99 a bottle.

The most depressing thing I noticed while at the store was that no one was friendly. I witnessed not one smile on anyone's face. Being my usual self I would say hi and pass on a smile. No one acknowledged my speaking to them. No, I didn't have on some freaky outfit nor was I somehow different than at any other time. All I saw was stress and turned down lips on the faces of the people I came into contact with. After leaving the store I was more upset about what I saw than the price I had to pay.

I quickly cut my shopping list but still ended up paying close to $150 for a small amount of groceries.

You do the math. Next time you are in your grocery store pay close attention to your cost compared to a few days ago. CAN YOU AFFORD THIS? Yes, I am yelling and for good reason. We are being pushed out of living. We have to eat to survive!

2011 US Food Prices to Increase Over 700%

Prepare For What Is Coming

Maybe you have plenty of money and can well afford this. God bless you and I hope your circumstances don't change. 

Maybe you are on some program that pays for your food - how long do you think this is going to last? This is why I say, "Get Your Head Out of the Sand." Tax payers are footing your food bill and they are losing their jobs.

Food prices along with gas prices are on the rise. Food prices are showing the most increase than in the past 36 years. Federal data suggest that US food prices will continue to increase and tend to accelerate higher this year.  That's right, I did my research before writing this. In case you want to check anything I have written here do a search for yourself. But then again maybe you shouldn't. It will spoil your holiday weekend.

This is one of the reasons that I joined MPB Today. Living on Social Security I can't afford the high cost of living in today's bed of economic turmoil. Since MPB Today offers me a way to drastically cut and mostly eliminate my gas and grocery bills if I didn't take advantage of it I would be just like most people today - my head would be buried in the sand.

We have to look out for our self by doing whatever it takes to stay alive. We can do without a lot of things but we can't live without food. That is a fact.