Marketing Tools

Keep your marketing toolbox full of necessary tools.
Most of the marketing tools you will find on this page are free for you to use so be sure to take advantage of as many of them as you need. 

I will add to this page so be sure to include this page to your favorites or how ever you keep links that you want to go back to.
I will not be adding such marketing tools as blogs, autoresponders, websites, printing services, social media or any of the obvious tools that you should be using.  

By the way, don't forget that the internet is one of your best marketing tools so use it wisely.

If you know of a good marketing tool and would like it added to this list please leave the link in the comments box.

The first 5 marketing tools are accredited to Raihana, or Hanna as she is known in the cybersphere, is a strong advocator of the internet lifestyle. She is an avid online affiliate marketer and shares her knowledge with newcomers to the internet money-making scene by offering her limited-time only FREE mini course, The 7-Step Strategy of Online Niche Marketing for Newbies at

6. Tools to capture your screen and share with others:

7. Do your own PR for your business:

8. Tools For Online Success from Google and SBA:

9. Google Alerts: Monitor the web for interesting content:

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