Friday, May 18, 2012

Are You Taking Advantage Of All Your Tax Write-Offs

Dr. Ron Mueller, Author of Home Business Tax Savings
Most of you that read my blog are home based business owners. My question to you is: Are you taking all the advantages allowed by the IRS? I bet not!

You shouldn't totally depend on someone that prepares your taxes to know all of the tax write-offs that home base business owners can take.

Remember, you are liable for your tax return even if a CPA or tax account does it for you. You need to learn all of the write-offs yourself.

It's your money - so way not take full advantage of saving all you can?

"Most hard-working Americans have more than half of their hard-earned wages sucked out for taxes, and then they get to live on the left-overs – called “take-home pay.”

Home-based business owners now qualify for more tax deductions than any other category of taxpayer in America, bar none!

Most working Americans are being strangled by taxes, paying more in taxes every month than their housing, their food, their transportation and their health care – COMBINED!"

NOTE: This is a time-sensitive announcement of a content-rich (and no-cost!) web briefing that could show you how to qualify for a SECOND REFUND, even on the tax returns you may have already filed. I am posting this on my blog because it is the fastest way to get the word out to the most people. And, I believe that this type of information is a valuable asset for all of us.

I know Ron Mueller and, trust me, this is NOT an opportunity to me missed! He gives great value on every call and webinar he does!


Are You Okay with the SIZE of Your Tax REFUND?

Even if you DO know about the special tax breaks for home-business owners, I'll bet you STILL overpaid your taxes by at least $1,000.00 - and probably even more!

And if you are new to, or not yet familiar with the special tax-deductions for home- based businesses, you probably just LOST up to $5,000!!! or more in Tax Refunds.

Why Do Most People NOT Claim All of the Tax Deductions they Could?

There are three reasons...

#1. You may fear you will be audited if you claim ALL of your deductions.

#2. You may not have adequate records to prove some of your deductions.

#3. You may not be aware of some of the special home-business deductions that could save you a lot of money!


YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN the truth about the connection between amount of deductions and chances of an audit. (And it will be good news!)

YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN how to safely claim some deductions even if you
do not have perfect records. ("Reconstructed" records are ok with IRS.)

YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN about some frequently overlooked or misunderstood tax deductions worth hundreds in tax refunds. (You'll learn exactly what the top ones are!)

YOU ARE ABOUT TO LEARN how to legally and quickly get a SECOND REFUND
on tax returns you have already filed.

That's Most Convenient FOR YOU!

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Creating Tax-Smart Home-Business Owners,

Ronald R. Mueller, MBA, Ph.D. -author of
"Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!"

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Ron Mueller is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and has earned a Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma, a M.B.A. from American University, and a Doctorate in Business Economics from San Francisco Regent University. He has had highly successful careers as a Senior Naval Officer and in International Marketing, Advertising, and Investigative Reporting.

Ron's website has globs of information on it so be sure to look around. You may just find something that you didn't know.

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