Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Labor Day Alright

I don't normally write a blog post like this on this blog. I set this blog up to be a relaxing place to visit and learn. A place of inspiration to dream and go for those dreams. A safe time to spend reflecting on the good in our lives and to give you some ideas to use to move ahead. And, I can't say that the devil made me do it. I am writing this post because I am tired of the unchristian, immoral way that our lives have become.

There are those jobs where some will always have to be at work on this holiday and all holidays: hospitals, police, firefighters, etc.... But, everyone else should be off. They should be allowed to live a day of fun.

Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Labor Day has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

In the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.  This year, as we know, is Monday, September 6.

The first Labor Day in the US was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City and became a federal holiday in 1894. This was actually a sad time for many families because this holiday was set following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U. S. Marshals during the so called Pullman Strike. We can thank President Grover Cleveland for seeing this as a political national disaster and to reconcile what had happened he decided to push through Congress this new holiday. He did this in hopes to holt any further problems with the labor movement.

So what else is new? A holiday to solve a political mistake.

I certainly do not want to dampen anyone's festive minds about this holiday. But, I think it is wise to remember that it is truly a labor day for many. Not really a holiday to be spent enjoying one's family and friends around a picnic or cookout because for many this is a day of laboring at a job. Not what I consider a holiday.

To add insult to injury, we did this to our neighbors and friends by being selfish and greedy. We tend to want what we want when we want it. So, what difference does it make if some people have to work because we didn't get to the store earlier. And, let's not forget the financial creed of the company owners and stockholders. After all, it is a good day for a store wide sale and the bottom line of the P&L statement.

As you watch this video, please remember that this is a person holding a position where she gets paid to make "everything" a vase of roses with no thorns:

Now, I want you to watch this video:

For more information about Labor Day try these links:
I sincerely thank all of you that will be working on this Labor Day Holiday and I wish for everyone a day of fun, safety and enjoyment.

If you ever get completely fed up with all this 'Job' stuff let me know. I am a firm believer in working but I believe in working for myself and those surrounding me in my work not a greedy, self-centered corporate CEO.

Many blessings to you on this day and every day...


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why So Many Newsletters?

As I sit here writing this I have to giggle under my breath. Let me tell you why. The other day a friend of mine complained about the number of newsletters that she gets every day. Of course, being me, I came back with, "Well, didn't you sign up to get them?" The answer, "I suppose I did but it takes so long to read them all and they take up a lot of room in my inbox."

It is interesting that people sign up for information and then get irritated and complain when they receive that information. If you don't want that information then scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and click the "unsubscribe" button. Now, isn't that simple?

Another way to look at all those newsletters is to allow them to be a teaching lesson. What in the world do I mean by that?

If you are a marketer it is a MUST that you learn copy-writing. You can read books or join programs. You can watch videos on copy-writing. You can even listen to someone talk about copy-writing. And, you will learn a lot.

But, then, what?

I subscribe to a number of newsletters to see copy-writing skills in action. I study the subject lines - header, the content and the close or better known as "the call to action".

You can learn a great deal of good tactics by doing this. Don't think of those newsletters as being just a thing trying to sell you something. Look at them as a teaching tool. You can achieve a good strategy for your own writing by taking the time to scrutinize those so-called pesting newsletters.

Learn to look at a newsletter with an open eye for copy-writing. In analyzing, taking apart, a newsletter think about these areas: 
The subject line:
* Most important
* Did it make you open it
* Did you want to open it to read more
* Is it catchy
* Did it make you curious
* Did it make you mad

The body:
* Is it commanding your attention
* Is it interesting
* Is it teaching you something
* Is it giving you benefits
* Is it just speaking about the author
* Are you getting bored
* Is it just trying to sell you something

The closing, a call to action:
* Does it make you want to click
* Do you want to click
* Is it too far down or spread out in different places

Be judgmental in your evaluation. The next time you get a newsletter learn something from it. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying to subscribe to every dick and harry newsletter out there. Be selective. Subscribe to some good marketer's newsletters and you will begin to be able to write better, compelling copy yourself.

Happy Writing...


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fear Within Us

Just what is "fear".

According to Wikipedia, fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus.... "Fear should be distinguished from the related emotional state of anxiety".... Fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas, anxiety is the result of threats" "Worth noting is that fear almost always relates to future events".... "Fear could also be an instant reaction to something presently happening."

If you have ever thought about going for your dreams by starting your own business, then what stops you is your own fear. It is like putting handcuffs on yourself with your hands behind your back. Fear of taking that first step is a killer of your dreams.

You may want extra money. You may want to have more time with your family. You may hate your job. But, the fear within you is greater than anything that you may want for your life. Fear will even destroy your happiness of being free.

I am human just like you. My fears are real like yours but the difference is I will not allow my fears to control my wants, desires and dreams for my life.

When we decide to move out on our own and start a business our fears are normally associated with past events that we have hung onto.

These fears can be:
1. Fear of failure...
2. Fear of what our family will say...
3. Fear of what our friends will say...
4. Fear of what our co-workers will say...
5. Fear of losing money...
6. Fear of making a mistake...
7. Fear of being embarrassed...
8. Fear of not knowing how to proceed...
9. Fear of success....

All of these fears, in part or in whole, are fears that anyone starting their own business will have. They are like road blocks that we place in front of our self believing that we are protecting our self. Wrong...

They are self-imposed killers to your dreams. Put there by you and you alone.

All of them are not bad because you certainly must be cognizant to your money issues before you begin. If you don't have any money to spare, this can be a big deterrent to spending any money to begin your business. If this is an issue then you need to be careful as to how much you do spend to get started. Realize that your money issues will probably not change unless you do something different from what you are presently doing.

These are some givens when starting your own business on the internet or locally:
1. You will have to spend some money..
2. You will have to do a lot of research about the business you start...
3. You will make mistakes...
4. You will be told by the very people closest to you that you can't do it ...
5. You will fail at some point along the way...

Begin by erasing your fears one by one.

What you need to keep foremost in your mind is that you are worthy of reaching your dreams. When you fall down - get back up.

Success in life belongs to all of us - not just a few. Don't allow yourself nor anyone else to tell you otherwise.

"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity" ~~ H. Jackson Brown