Monday, November 21, 2011

Just One More Inch

A lot of times in our life we desperately need something or someone to help us move forward. The same can be said of those of us that own our own business. We just need a little boost. A little spark of something that will keep us going. And, give us some inner energy to keep moving forward toward our why we started down this path to begin with.

I tend to be a very optimistic person but even at times I have needed a calm fire put under by back side to get me moving on. I read a book several years back by Charles Swindoll titled Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back. It helped me to understand that life can be a bummer at times (I knew this already.) and that I just have to bend with the wind and keep going. That is what I do. I may fall back but I keep going. This allows me to gain success in my life and my business.

Even if that forward movement is only an inch at a time.

I certainly, like everyone else, feel like throwing my hands up sometimes and quitting. One of the helpful things that I do when this happens to me is to walk away, clear my head and give myself some time to think through what it is that I personally want out of my life and my business. I am not quitting. I am merely meditating upon my own beliefs and actions.

Something else that I find that helps me is to stay tuned-in with my business. Even at my worst times I continue to be on conference calls, webinars and whatever else is offered by the company I am affiliated with. This helps me to clear my thoughts of being down because things aren't going exactly the way I want them to go. I don't quit being involved.

My faith plays a major role in everything that I do. I know that if I keep moving forward and believing that I am where I am suppose to be that soon I will turn that corner and be on a clear path to the finish line.

When you feel like that you just can't take another step toward what you really want for your life and business then take a tiny one inch step and keep going. You will reach whatever it is you desire for yourself. Believe it!

Thanks to Linda Grace Cox for sharing this video on her website. Be sure to look her up on Facebook.

Just One More Inch is all it takes to move forward...

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