Saturday, March 6, 2010

Are You A Dead Beat?

Now before you get insulted and click away hear me out. Then you can do what you want to.

Do you know, "Dead Beat", is what some internet marketers think about people that sign up for programs and never do anything? These are the nicest words they use to describe this type of person. The other words, well, they aren't worth repeating.

There are more people that sign up for every program they find on the internet and do nothing than those who sign up and at least try.

Then I must be a Dead Beat...

Why do you think people looking to fulfill their dreams do this?

First let me say that I don't consider anyone a "dead beat" just because they don't do what I think they should. My opinion is if someone does nothing then they must have a reason for doing nothing. I am not here to judge. I am here to help.

Back to why people sign up and do nothing:
1. They don't know what to do!
2. They are scared of change!
3. The program was not what they thought it was!
4. They find out that nothing is free!
5. They doubt themselves!
6. They have to work hard!
7. Their family and friends tell them they are crazy!
8. They feel too dumb to ask questions!
9. They feel as if they don't deserve more in life!

These are just a few of the reasons why people do nothing when signing up for a program. Bet that you could come up with some more excuses.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

Let me tell you, over the course of about ten+ years I have signed up for thousands of programs. Some in MLM. Some in affiliate marketing. Some in whatever sounded good. Some of them were probably good programs. But like other people, I did nothing! Does this make me a "Dead Beat"?

No more! I stopped that roller coaster several years ago because I finally wised up.

Yes, some wisdom finally crept into my brain. Well, it should have after all these years, don't you think? Now I am settled and know where I am going. My vision is real and I can see myself reaching it. I now know and understand internet marketing. I now know and realize more about myself and what I have to offer to others.

What can you do?

First, decide what you want. Ask yourself some questions and be honest with the answers. What is your vision? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to stay right where you are right now? Do you need some extra income to just get by. Do you want more time with your family and friends?

What to do first: decide what your goals really are!

Goals are those things in our life that we want to accomplish. Goals should be broken down into categories: personal, spiritual, business, etc. Don't combine these. List them on separate pages. Yes, WRITE them down so you can see them. This makes your vision (goal) more real to you.

Then decide what steps you will take to reach your goals - baby steps. Don't go hog wild here. What are you going to accomplish today? What are you going to accomplish this week? What are you going to accomplish this month? This year?

Business goals should span from day one to 3-5 years. You read that right. Don't expect to accomplish your business goals today. This is impossible and self-defeating. Don't do that to yourself.

Now, get busy. Look around. Pick a program that fits you and that you can believe in - very important.

And, by all means, never consider yourself a "Dead Beat".

Just do something and stop playing around with your dreams.

Wishing you the best,

"Most of us plateau when we lose the tension between where we are and where we ought to be." ~~ John Gardiner


  1. Aloha Elaine,
    Great post!! I agree with you that being a success in business takes time. It will not come in just one day, it takes time and work to get there. Focus is very important to reach one's goal.

    Connie Pusins

  2. Elaine,
    Thank you for writing your article about dead beats, because at some point in my life I was a dead beat. I started things and never finished because I really didn't know what to do. Time and money was wasted. But I learned to stop. I began doing and making changes to improve and stop being a dead beat and start being a participant. My life change.

  3. Connie, thanks for dropping by. It certainly does take more than a day to be successful. The problem arises because so many people that have never owned business before don't realize this. They read all of the hog-wash on the internet and are not told the truth.

    Marvietta, I think that most of us would be considered "dead beats" when we first start off in any type of business. The point is that being a "dead beat" is not to be considered a negative character but one that just doesn't know. There is a difference. Glad to see that you realized what really needs to be done to move forward.

  4. Elaine
    I think I am dead beat material.

  5. Larry, you know what, I think maybe we all are. It takes a lot of energy out of us to really not be. But, I really don't see you as a dead beat. I see you as a guy that knows what he wants and goes after it - in your time. Thanks.

  6. Hello Elaine,

    Great post on Are You a Dead Beat. I have never thought of myself as a dead beat but I did identify with 2 of the examples you listed above when I first got involved with network marketing (didn't know what to do and the program was not what I thought it was going to be). When you first start out I feel like most people are somewhat gullible in thinking you will make a lot of money doing little or no work. I soon learned that was not true like all hype that you read about. I became more realistic, found a good program and great mentor that helped me learn the correct way to be a professional networker. Elaine thanks for your great post and so nice to be associated with you in the United Wealth Builders.


  7. Elaine,
    Thank you for a lovely, tranquil yet lively blog. You are so spot on about everyone venturing into the Internet business environs, excited at the prospect of "being able to make money so easily". It's scary, one believes one has struck gold with all the con letters and bling one receives, only to discover that one has actually struck yet another blank in the business/income producing sense.

    Take courage y'all, with the backup of the proven and fully reputable members at the UWB to set everyone on the right course of action, goals become achievable.

    Vaughan Jones----->ONE----->Peace

  8. Vaughan, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, my template is a little tranquil because at times I say things that might bring red to someone's eyes and I don't want them to be distracted. LOL
    The new person starting out and even those that have been around for a while are lost as to the right path.

    Love your blog at


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