Friday, February 26, 2010

Digging Yourself Out Of Debt

Most of us in our world today are in debt. The economy all over the world seems to be falling down around our feet. Everything we buy just keeps going up each time we visit the grocery store or gas station. Did you realize that the interest rates on your credit cards have almost doubled in the past few months? Every time we read the newspaper or watch the news we hear more and more depressing news about our economy.

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, one of the most important actions that you can take is to rid yourself of debt. Get rid of that burden and set yourself free of that stress and anxiety. This is the one thing that will make your life easier to live through this time of uncertainty and turmoil.

The information that I am providing here will assist you in eliminating your debt. It will help you to get back your life. It will help you to get yourself free of that burden.

Being in debt is a burden that causes us to be in a stressful state all the time. It ruins marriages and friendships. It destroys our good health. It puts our bodies and minds in a state of "what do I do now"?

You have a choice: you can either decide to be a player in this recession or you can decide to not be a player. If you decide to be a player then your plans are to do nothing but just sit back and see what happens. Hoping for some miracle or some saving grace to come your way. To me, this is the worst mistake that you could make.

How about deciding to not be a player and take back your self-esteem, get rid of that stress, get rid of that anxiety, and position yourself in a powerful state of mind. Feel good about yourself and what you have accomplished.

Watch this video by Dale Calvert. He offers some great advice and a plan for getting out of debt:

I absolutely agree with Dale about his approach to getting out of debt. I plan to incorporate his idea into my own plans of getting out of debt. Watch this video as many times as it takes you to achieve the proper mind set.
As Dale states to get rid of your debt you have two choices:
1. Spend less
2. Make more

My choice is to do both. The following are some of the things I am doing and using to make more money so I can get rid of my credit card and loan debts:

1. Have a home business. (I have done this for many years and you would be surprised at the tax benefits.)
2. Select specific companies to market in order to increase my income.
3. Figure out where I can reduce my cost of living expenses.


  1. One of the GREATEST perks of owning a home based business is the tax write many people do not realize this and it really can help them especially in those beginning stages of business development. Great post Elaine!

  2. You are absolutely right, Laura. If it wasn't for my home base business I would have been paying taxes for the last 12 years instead of getting a refund.


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