Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do You Have Pet Peeves?

Oh! my, do I have some pet peeves when it comes to network marketers!!!!!!

The reason I decided to add this post is because of a phone call that I received last week from a friend of mine. Yes, I said friend. He called me to tell me that he had joined this company and would like for me to come to a meeting at his house. Of course I asked him what company and what does the company offer as far as services. I got no answer to my questions.

Red Flag!! Red Flag!! Irritation setting in...

I kept my cool and told him I would be at the meeting. I just wanted to support him - not join some company and I told him this.

Here are just some of my pet peeves when it comes to us network marketers:
1. Not telling the name of your company - good grief, are you that ashamed of it?

2. Not giving out at least a little information about your company - well, maybe you don't know either.

3. Calling me by using my contact information on my sites to plug your company - hello, are you that desperate and just want to waste you money?

4. Using my contact email to solicit me into you business - all this is going to do is get your email deleted just as fast as I can hit the delete button.

5. Free is not free if I have to give you my name and email address - your definition of free is certainly different from mine.

6. Calling yourself a Network Marketing Guru when all you are doing is copying from someone else - dead give-away that you know nothing. Do you think we are that stupid and have not been around far longer than you?

7. Commenting on forums or blogs with nothing more than words about yourself or your business - for sure will be deleted. Sometimes it is just better to keep your fingers off of your keyboard.

I am sure that I have more but will it at this.

Do you have pet peeves? Let me hear them by leaving me a comment. (I do monitor all comments before they are posted. He! He!

Have a great day and remember if these are some of my pet peeves I can promise you that am not alone.



  1. LMAO! Elaine...great pet peeves and yep I do have one when someone called me "a friend" and used the word "SHOULD" I SHOULD check it out! that word makes my skin crawl (heehee)!

  2. Michele, thanks for dropping by. Yeh, I left that one out - forgot about it at the time I did this post. I despise going to a website and seeing "Friend" starting off the pitch. Some people seem to have a much different definition of "friend" than I do.

    I agree with both of your pet peeves. Good ones.


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