Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is Your Landing Page Doing What It Should?

"Getting Action From Your Landing Page"

First off if you are new to marketing and promoting on the internet you may not even know what a landing page is. Pure and simple definition: a landing page is a web page that someone sees (lands on) when following your link. It is where your link takes them to. 

The thing is a landing page is suppose is encourage some action, whether it be to just read the page, signup for something, entice the visitor to buy something, etc. 

So, there is really more to a good, converting landing page than just getting someone to your site. 

With your landing page you want your visitor to follow your clues and "Do Something."

When should you use a landing page? When you want your visitor to take an action that you have placed in front of them.

I found some great resources on creating efficient landing pages for you. In your marketing campaigns be sure to understand the true importance of a good landing page. No, not all landing pages are created equal, so you must learn to do them correctly. And remember, always test, tweak and test again.

Keep these resources in your library of keepers and study them:

1. Best MLM Resources Blog by Michael Lemm: "How To Create Effective Landing Pages That Actually Convert"

 Here Debbie give you her 5 top pick from the handbook, "Landing Page Handbook."

3. Landing Page Optimization

There are many, many more resources out there that you can use so don't confuse yourself from information overload. And for goodness sake don't just copy these resources and do nothing. Unless, of course, you don't want your visitor to do anything.


  1. Elaine, this is a super post; thank you also for the gifts and marketing ideas. To land is one thing; to buy is yet another... Your guidance rocks.

    Vaughan Jones - fellow UWB'er

  2. Thanks Vaughan. You are right about buying but I have to remember that people will buy if and when they are ready. Now a'days this is more true than ever. Landing pages should be targeted to what you are seeking. Nothing more. Keep it simple.


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