Monday, August 9, 2010

How Much Money?

How Much Money Did You Make With Your Company?

If you are ever asked this question, don't get paranoid or defensive.
I have been asked this question several times and it is difficult to keep my blood pressure from going out the top of my head. It just irradiates the pudding out of me.

I have to bite my tongue and keep quiet for a little while until I can control the sound of my voice and gain my composure back.

In my 30 some years in network marketing I have never asked someone this question. I may have asked the person if they were making money but never how much. To begin with, it is none of my business.

To be asked this question tells me that the person really doesn't understand the network marketing industry and how it works.

Here is an answer for that question that I learned from David Haines: "I don't have a clue. I haven't finished collecting it yet." I love this answer to this question. There is really not much of a come back for this answer. I can just envision the person on the other end of the phone with question marks above their head thinking about what I had just said to them. (I sort-of giggle to myself.)

"See, you never know how much of an ongoing ripple effect you'll get from
what you did yesterday and the day before. How can you know how much
money you're going to make when you sponsor somebody into your business?
Today, you're making $5 a week. Next month, You're making $50 a week.
And the following month, you're making $500 a week - all from the
business-building efforts of that one person you signed up today.
MLM is a business that will pay you a lot next year, and 5 years from now,
and 20 years from now - for work you did today. 

The person asking you this question does not understand the amazing phenomena of getting paid every week for work you did 10 years ago."

I love the network marketing industry because it allows me to help others and at the same time it gives me income from now on.

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