Thursday, August 12, 2010

Your Phone Weighs To Much?

Are You Petrified Of Your Own Phone?
Years ago, as a matter of fact many years ago, when I joined my first network marketing company I was petrified when it came to recruiting. When I started in network marketing we referred to it as "direct marketing." The name Network Marketing came into play after the internet became so popular.
Telling my age here, but, back when, we didn't have the internet to recruit folks. It really was all direct marketing. Face to face.

Back then I didn't have much of a problem just talking to people about my company. That all changed when the internet came about and I had to call people on that killer telephone.

That phone, I know, weighed a ton. I would get sweaty. My stomach would turn upside down
and lay cross-ways. Sinking feelings would engulf me. I would do anything and everything to keep
from picking up that phone and dialing a number to speak to a perfect stranger. I performed like
a race car driver doing busy work.

Fear! Insecurity! Uncertainty! Failure! And some more certain killer reactions would take over.

You know what, that person on the other end of that line didn't know me from Joe Mow. Likewise, I didn't know them. I would probably never see them.

I have stood up in front of 100's of people and gave lectures. I have taught in front of doctors and other of my peers. I have always been a leader. So why was I having such a hard time with that friggin' phone?

Today, I love calling prospects.

Know what I did? See if you can follow my thinking here: I knew that I love people. I knew that I truly wanted to help other people have some self-freedom and financial freedom. I knew that they  couldn't reach through that dang phone and choke me. (At least that is what I told myself.)

I knew, I just knew I could do this. And, I could. And, I do.

What did I change? My inner self. I talked to myself and told myself to get real and to get over it. I changed by fear into desire to help others. I made myself do it. Hear that? I made myself do it.

Now, it is easy. That phone and that person on the other end is not my enemy. That person wants to a change in their life. The phone is my friend. That person is another human being who deserves to know what I know.

Do you have trouble with your phone? Try these suggestions:

1. Write down what you want to say. Keep it simple and short. Do not read your script over the phone. Good grief, people get enough of this type of person when they call a company for help - just try calling your ISP provider for help and you will see what I mean. The first call is for you to get to know some things about that person and for that person to learn some things about you. Keep it simple. Keep it friendly just like talking to a close friend.
Keep it light and fun. Don't mention your company unless the conversation leads into it and you are comfortable with this part. You are the presenter of your company. You may or may not be the closer.

2. Hook up with another person in your company, upline, sideline and allow yourself to learn from them. Listen to some of their initial calls to prospects. Then develop your own style. Remember, you have to be "you" when calling prospects. You just can't be someone else, it will show through to the person listening to you.

3. Develop a system of tracking your prospects and your calls. By the way, doing this is not working your business. Prospecting for team members and selling products is working your business.

4. Practice in front of a friend or the mirror. That's right - out loud.

5. Teach yourself to be pleasant and relaxed. This may take time but will come as you become more comfortable with yourself.

6. Don't take a "no" to heart. It is not you they are saying no to, it is your company, themselves or the timing is just not right for them. Move on to someone else.

7. Above all, make it fun. Have fun.

Your phone is your friend. Teach yourself this. Implant this thought into your brain.

You will make life long friends by picking up your phone. You just have to remember that you are a friend to the person you are calling. Be genuine and above all be yourself.

Blessing to you,

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