Friday, November 5, 2010

You Are What You Practice

I started to use this video on my Elaine's Vision blog but after watching it several times I changed my mind. For some reason the idea of "practicing what you want" kept bombarding my mind with the idea that it fits so well into the realm of finances and business.

Yes, it certainly fits our total life but my thoughts kept tangling me up in the business arena.

So many of us have dreams of being better off financially. I can see you saying and thinking, "Has Elaine lost her mind, of course, I want to be better off financially." "So, what's new about that idea." NOTHING...

What's new is - What are you practicing?

If you continue to practice not having enough money to be free then that is where you will stay. It entails changing what you are practicing so you can and will get to where you desire to be. This takes mental action and physical action. Practice is acting the part of what you want not where you are now.

As with anything in life whether it be personal, job or your own business it takes practice to be better. An athlete doesn't rise to the top of his profession by sitting on the sidelines watching the show. He has to get up off his backside and practice with earnest over and over again until he is the best at what he does. He has to practice to reach his full potential. Not until then will he succeed.

The same is true in business. You have to practice, test yourself and keep going until you reach the level of financial freedom that you want. That's right, you have to practice being a great business person before you can reach that level.

If you desire a change in your life and business you have to practice. You have to improve your weaknesses - make them strong enough to propel you forward.

If you and I think honestly and take a long hard look at our weaknesses we will come up with a long list. Write down your weaknesses, take one at a time and practice eliminating one at a time from your list. There is no time limit other than your own but the faster you destroy your weaknesses the faster you become free of them.

But what about being better at my business, you may ask. How in the world do I practice being better in my business. Understand something: your personal practices and business practices are interwoven. You can't separate the two like they are two separate entities that have no connection. As you practice getting better at one, you will automatically see a change in the other.

See you on the practice field...

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