Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Long Between Post

Gosh! It's been a while since I posted on this blog.
Thought about it but just didn't get around to it. Been posting often about the Christmas season on my other blog: Inspiration Pathways

Do you forget to post? What about material to post about? Can't find any?
Not guilty of any of the above - I didn't forget - I just didn't do it.
I collect material to write daily, so that is not the problem.

The problem: I just didn't take the time. What a lousy reason or excuse. I don't know which.

This is one time that I will say, "Don't do as I do." If you want to get your name out on the internet and brand yourself, not posting on your blog is like trying to swim uphill on ice. It doesn't work. Blog post need to be done often but at least, at the minimum once a week. Of course, this is along with your other plans for branding yourself.

If you have writers block, do as I do, collect stuff that interest you and that you can later write about. This makes it much easier to come up with something that will interest your readers.

Where to find interesting stuff to write about:
1. Newsletters - that is good, information filled newsletters.
2. News channels - look around the internet and find something that will be of interest.
3. Other blogs/websites

This video may help you:

The sites mentioned in the video:

Good writing to you...

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